Here are the remaining 5 of 10 reasons why it is worth including Video Marketing on the website.

  1. Building Trust

Trust is the foundation of the conversation in sales. By providing useful information of your product through the video, it builds confidence that your product and services are authentic. If your client has to look for the important information on your website after reading content after content, they may not come across the important information which will cause you to lose a client.

  1. Appealing to Mobile Users

 People nowadays are so busy. Yet even with their busy schedule, they are usually watching something on their mobile devices. So by creating videos, your advertisement can be shared between people who may have a common interest in your products. Mobile viewing is constantly rising by more than 100% every year. Want more business?

  1. Higher Retention Rate

65% of viewers have either completely watched a product video or at least watched more than a third of a product video. We definitely have a far lower percentage for text-based content.

  1. Email Click-Throughs

As a customer, would you read the email sent to you after purchasing an item? What if the email is one-page long? I wouldn’t. But if the email was a video on the product, you wouldn’t mind taking a look at the video 2 or 3 times right? More effective emails?

  1. Video Marketing Can Explain Everything

Create a video to show how your product works. Do you know that close to 100% of users have at least watched a video of one of the products they have used? That is why close to 50% of successful companies has an explainer video of at least one of their main products. What if your service concept was difficult to explain? You couldn’t just read statistic and expect the viewer to sit through till the end. That’s where animation video can come in to liven up the video with entertainment and simplicity.

So contact us if you need ideas for your video.