Here are 5 of 10 reasons why it is worth including Video Marketing on the website.


  1. Viewer to Customer

It has been statistically proven that the conversion rate of viewer to customer is improved by over 70% when a good and informative product video is added to the website’s landing page.

  1. Return on Investment

Doing a good video, which properly explains the product, may be costly and time consuming. From the planning to the shooting and editing, the video must properly explain the product in very basic layman terms. But when a good video is added to a website, the effort would pay off as the sales is improved.

  1. Emotional Connections 

Video is the most powerful way to evoke emotions online by having facial expressions, tone of voice and music; beyond what content offers. While it does not cause you to run out of your office or home to immediately buy the product, it leaves an imprint in the subconscious to affect your decision to set aside a budget when you are convinced of a need to have the product.

  1. Consumer Attention

All of us can only spend so much time concentrating on reading about products. Compared to video where the description is read out and pictures shown to us or demonstrated. Capturing attention is important to convert to sales. You don’t want your potential customer to switch to another website because he/she got bored of reading your content.

  1. Improved SEO

Did you know that your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is improved by over 50 times when you properly utilize a video in your content marketing efforts? Google own YouTube, therefore they love videos. By having key words inserted in your video and using interesting titles for your video you have higher SEO to get to the first page.

Bonus: Why Animation Video should be considered?

Have you watched the DBS bank video where they ask you to open an account, which can give you an annual return of 3.5% interest, using rabbits? Imagine a living room filled with white coloured rabbits and the speaker. How much would it cost to make that video? With animation you could make the room burst with rabbits. Where does your imagination end? Want to do an animation video contact us.