Unless you or someone in your organisation happen to have some knowledge about web design, web development, web-hosting and search engine optimisation, you should consider getting a team to help you with professional website development.

As a business, one of the decisions you often come across is the classic “make or buy” decision. When it comes to your company website(s) and digital presence, start by asking yourself: Does my organisation have the internal capabilities and resources currently to design, develop and maintain a website?

Very often, the answer to the above questions is ‘No’. To setup and maintain a proper website, you will need professional advice and expertise to proceed.

Below are 5 reasons as to why many of our clients has benefited from professional website development.

1) Avoid wasting time and money

As a business owner, your time is precious. Doing your due diligence involves the selection of hosting vendors, domain registrars, and CMS software to build your website upon.

That’s even before you learn how to design and develop web-pages (design and development are 2 different skillsets) or figure out how to install and use an online website builder.

Very likely, this will take much time and effort as compared to getting a professional design and web development team. In addition, don’t forget about setting up email addresses, fixing any security issues and updating the underlying design and code from time to time.

Every hour or day you spend on this is an hour that you could have spent on your core business. Avoid that by engaging a team to help you with professional website development.

2) Brand Image

The homepage of your website is essentially your store front, while the content pages are your store shelves. Whenever you get to meet a potential client, you want to make the best possible first impression.

So why should your website be any different? Your website should reflect your brand identity and the values it stands for.

An unprofessional website could lead to visitors not feeling welcome or that your business is outdated. Visitors may think that the quality of your website reflects the quality of your product or service.

This will send them straight to your competitors who bothered to get professional website development.

With professional website development, you will gradually be able to get access to your competitors’ customers. This is because they did not bother about their website and sent customers your way instead.

3) Getting your business in front of clients via your website

One of the fundamentals in Digital Marketing these days is “SEO”. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is basically the optimisation of the content on your website to obtain a higher ranking among search engines today.

When people are searching for a specific product or service to meet their needs, they provide search engines with terms known as Keywords.

“The best place to hide a dead body is on the 2nd page of Google”

Very often, users who are searching on Google or other search engines will visit the first or second result that appears on Page 1.

If your website is not optimised, it does not contain the specific content necessary to indexed by search engines.

What happens is that your website might be tucked away at Page 10 or worse and will have almost zero chance to be discovered by users who are in high need of your products or services.

Having a high search engine ranking is one of the most cost-efficient methods to gain new clients today online, as the main cost and effort of SEO is mostly incurred upfront.

Professional website development often involves having a diverse team of individuals who are well equipped with the necessary skills, such as web design, mobile optimisation, web development and SEO.

Once you successfully optimise your content to get onto the first 3 pages of search engine results, you will begin to reap your returns on your initial investment into professional website development.

4) Challenge your competition

Having a website that is designed and developed by professionals allows you to be perceived as an industry leader and challenge your competition to keep up.

Consistently adding content to your website and spending a suitable budget to bring in quality online traffic forces your competition to always play the catch-up game… with your business in the lead of course!

5) Leverage on Word of Mouth

How often have you come across a restaurant or other business that provided you with the information you required in the least painful way possible?

More than likely, you have also shared that business or website with your friends and family, simply because you got what you needed from the website. Great design paired with intuitive site navigation leads to a great experience for the end user.

This word of mouth leads to more traffic and potential clients simply based on your professionally designed website.


For brands to stay relevant to consumers’ ever-changing expectations, they must make it easier for customers reach out to them.

Start with getting the right people to design and develop your website. Once that is done and out of the way, spend time and effort to attract quality traffic to your digital touch-points (website, social media channels etc).